Self titled debut On double Vinyl

Friends and allies of the stomping nuke lizard be alert: After 6 Years, we are proud to announce our remastered debut album on a 180g double vinyl coming on April 2nd - Warm up your speakers !!

  1. Up The River
  2. Broken Dance
  3. The Turn
  4. Elis Speech
  5. Propagation Of Violence
  6. Dr Moth
  7. Stick To Your Daily Routine
  8. Provoking As Teenage Sex
  9. The Universe Is Yours
  10. The Fridge

Progradar Magazin

"I love it when good music comes at me from left-field, bands that I never knew existed but are exceedingly worthy of my attention. Godzilla In The Kitchen deliver some seriously deep and psychedelic music that is not for the faint of heart. Trust me, don’t try to understand it, just enjoy it to the full!"
Martin Hutchinson

Musikreviews Logo

"A nice album, a large portion of earthy, sprawling instrumental rock, which already knows how to please on a small scale, but still shows weaknesses in terms of structure / composition on the larger scale. The soundtrack for hammock, beer and switching off."


Tobias Jehle


"Hard, instrumental progressive rock that borrows an idea or two from the stoner rock department comes across as a good general description of Godzilla in the Kitchen, complete with both subtly adventurous and occasionally expressive instrument details. A certain affection for riff based creations and a gnarly stoner rock tinged guitar sound is merited to enjoy this album, as rare a band that gives the bass in particular a liberal amount of limelight moments. An album with more of a niche appeal in my book, and a niche without too many competitors at that."


Olav Martin Bjørnsen

Musikzirkus Magazin Logo

"Instrumental rock that moves in the field of post rock with metal, psychedelic, art and progressive rock. A good debut."

Stephan Schelle

Koi9 Magazine

"The music is very complex, with absolutely crazy rythms (suitable for every one who wants to get into complex, uneven rythms), shocking and shredding guitar riffs, as well as a groovy bass, which is very present in the mix. It is music that does not give you a headache or is tiering, since the musicians were able to put in some relaxed breaks in the otherwise fast and driving songs."

Renaud Oualid

Metaleyes Magazin Logo

"From my point of view this trio holds a lot of potential, restrained by a kind of immaturity in the compositions or the execution, making some elements repetitive in the long run. These are completely common imperfections of a debut-album: All in all an excellent first piece, still keeping in mind that there is still room for improvement!""

Stefano Cavanno